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Alison Clifford

Alison Clifford, romance suspense author

Alison first began writing as a teenager, scribbling in the library during lunch. At the end of 2013, she decided to write ‘just a couple of scenes’ and ended up writing her first complete novel. She is an independently published author of romance suspense novels, and has also had short stories published in anthologies, including children’s stories.


“I love writing. I love letting the story inside me come to life on a page. It's intoxicating.”

Alison’s first job was the Australian Army Reserve, and she left the Reserves to enlist in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Her time in the Defence Forces left her with an interest all things military and law enforcement related. She draws on this, and research, to write her books. This, joined with her love of crime and thriller books, made writing in the romance suspense genre a natural choice.


Alison lives in Tasmania, Australia and enjoys going out for breakfast with her husband, spending time with her adult children and their families, shopping for stationery and drinking lots of tea.

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