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Roses (2015)  

White Rose Series Book 1

Beth’s life is perfect until her husband, FBI Agent Nick Markov, betrays his colleagues and abandons her. Left to face the consequences, Beth integrity is questioned and she must fight to prove her innocence.

Cover of romance suspense book Roses

Retribution (2015)

Write Rose Series Book 2

Believing the dangers of the past were behind her, Beth savours the peace she has found. But the secrets she had thought buried re-emerge to threaten a friend and take control once more.

Cover of romance suspense book Retribution

Deception (2016)

White Rose Series Book 3

Beth is shocked when her fellow scientist quits without warning, but no one else shares her concerns. Beth must take matters into her own hands and calls on PI Sam Dalton for help, but the answers lead to more questions. Things aren't always what they seem.

Cover of romance suspense book Deception

Bombshell (2017)

White Rose Series Book 4

A bank robbery gone wrong leaves an innocent man dead, sparking an FBI investigation. The robbery investigation takes a turn when the man they have in custody dies while awaiting trial. Is a vigilante killer on the loose, or is a grieving family member seeking revenge?

Cover of romance suspense book Bombshell

Focus (2019)

White Rose Series Book 5

When the Dalton Agency assists the defence in a murder case, PI Warren Pearce works on the investigation and questions the identity of the killer. As the real killer’s delusion feeds a growing list of targets, his obsession with eliminating them intensifies. Can he be found before he kills again?

Cover of romance suspense book Focus

Seeing Red (2016)

New London Book 1

When Nell, a psychologist working for the US Navy, is attacked in her office, an investigation starts. Then a body is pulled from the river, but there is no link to Nell. Or is there?

Cover of romance suspense book Seeing Red

Secrets Within (2017)

New London Book 2

Ditched by the love of his life, Andrew, a US Navy lawyer, takes time off to spend with his sister, Nell. . When an officer is caught with stolen plans for a new submarine, Andrew's brother-in-law asks him to act for the accused. 

Cover of romance suspense book Secrets Within

The Code (2018)

New London Book 3

When a vandal leaves a sinister message in Morse code, NCIS Special Agent Ryan Gilmour leads the investigation. The culprit taunts Ryan, daring him to break the code before it’s too late.

Cover of romance suspense book The Code

Defender (2020)

A Novel 

After a year on the job, Kira is still a new agent in the eyes of hr FBI counter terrorism colleagues. When a young man is reported for making violent threats against government agencies, she is given the chance to lead the case.

Cover of romance suspense book Defender

Hunter (2020)

A Novel

When an FBI agent becomes the victim of a shooting, his boss throws convention out the window and takes on the case. Special Agent in Charge Burns is determined to find the person who shot his agent and bring them to justice.

Cover of romance suspense book Hunter
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