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  • Alison Clifford

In With the New ... Website

Tired, run down and in need of change?

Well, that was my website. Rehashed, tinkered with too many times, and old.

The solution? Get a new website.

First things first, who am I? My name is Alison and I write romance suspense books. I'm a proud, independent author who wants to share the stories in my mind.

Illustration of a desktop computer with icons around it.

But back to the website.

A new website? What happened to the old one?

I've had a website for a long time and it became stale. Okay, perhaps I neglected it. I wanted a new look and new elements and this website differs from anything I’ve done before. I won’t only list my books—it will have much more.

Apart from the new look, there’s a blog with book reviews, flash fiction, news and other general posts. Short stories will be available and new indie authors will have a dedicated page of tips and links to useful information.

It will be a hub for my writing.

So, I present to you my new website!

Fresh, new, and completely different. I hope you enjoy my offerings and come along on my writing journey.

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